music video for Zach Ritter’s single “Tomodomo” to be released on his forthcoming EP

really happy to have visual artist Nick Meyers be apart of the Southeast Art Collective. check out some of his work from the past year.


Sundrenched - squids

official video aug 7, 2013.


As some of you may have noticed, the Southeast Art Collective has been somewhat inactive the past year. New artists, songs, mixed media collaborations, compilations and videos are coming soon and posts should be daily. Your support is really appreciated!

The Southeast Art Collective is an artist-run organization that is home to a multitude of creators. Florida-based and influenced, the music and art created here explores boundaries of the medium and seeks to explore truths of the human experience. Mixed media collaborations and intricately detailed art projects are commonplace, and within you will find quiet observations, interesting ponderings, a reflection of naure.


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Jason Smark

Nick Meyers

Ray Willson

Zach Ritter